Does the Reynolds Handi-Vac pump work with Ziploc Vacuum bags?

YES — Here's How...

The "ReynLoc Adapter™" Lets You Use Your
Reynolds Handi Vac Pump With The Cheaper Ziploc Vacuum Bags.

Reynolds Handi-Vac Pump to Ziploc Vacuum Bag Adapter

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Important Notice:  The ReynLoc Adapter is Also Guaranteed NOT to Damage Your Ziploc Vacuum Bag!!!

Here's a recent question from a Handi-Vac user before they bought a ReynLoc Adapter:
The problem I have with the ziplock bags isn't that the pump doesn't work with them but rather when the air is all sucked out and I remove the pump, air goes back into the bag negating the sealing effect. Are you saying your product stops this from happening?

Here's the answer:
YES. The ReynLoc Adapter will NOT damage the Ziploc vacuum bag. Using the Handi-Vac pump directly on a Ziploc bag can cause the exact problem you are having. I ran into the problem myself and that is why I invented the ReynLoc Adapter. That being said, once a bag is damaged, it's a goner. In most cases the ReynLoc Adapter won't fix a broken bag however you may want to give it a try because if the one-way suction valve on the Ziploc bag isn't completely broken, the proper suction in the proper direction (which the ReynLoc applies) just might repair it. It couldn't hurt to try :-)

Here's the feedback they left:
"Fast shipping! Simple product but works. Fixed valve issue with ziplocks."
Jupiter, FL

The #1 Solution for Reynolds Handi Vac Users.

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If you use the ReynLoc Adapter, you can go to and
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Special Custom Made "ReynLoc Adapter™"
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The "ReynLoc Adapter" lets you easily use your Reynolds Handi-Vac pump on the cheaper and readily available Ziploc Vacuum bags—without damaging the bag.

The "ReynLoc Adapter" makes the Ziploc Vacuum bags work as well if not better than the original Reynolds Handi-Vac bags.

This means you'll get fast or faster vacuum sealing.  You don't need any special or complicated, hit and miss, finicky instructions to follow.  Just plop the "ReynLoc Adapter" in the center of the big blue circle on the Ziploc bag and use your Handi-Vac pump as you always have.  It couldn't be easier.

Special Custom Made "ReynLoc Adapter"
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Remember: The ReynLoc Adapter is Also Guaranteed NOT to Damage Your Ziploc Vacuum Bag.

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Local Reviews:

~ This thing really works!

~ The Ziploc bags sell for less than $4 a box in my town.

~ Oh Yeah. This is the real deal!

~ Ziploc Vac bags go for 3 bucks where I live.

~ OMG - This adapter thing really works. No complaints.

~ It really works and I just bought 96 ziploc vac bags for $36 bucks and there was a bunch more boxes still on the shelf.

~ Works as advertised. Actually better than I thought it would.

~ I was skeptical but WOW it really works!

~ Yep. It really does work!

~ Don't toss out your Reynolds pump. This thing does the trick.

~ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~ Wow! You're a life saver :-)

~ I have to get another one. My mother took mine.

~ I'm glad I got mine. I'm going to get another one just in case.

~ You'll frustrate the heck out of yourself if you don't use the adapter. I tried.

~ You got my vote. Thanks!

Thanks everybody.

The ReynLoc Adapter is guaranteed to provide MAXimum vacuum sealing power and
your ReynLoc is also guaranteed NOT to damage your Ziploc Vacuum Bag!!!

The Special Custom Made "ReynLoc Adapter"
$19.95 w/ FREE s&h

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